About Us

We are a small group of farmers with decades of growing experience. Together we formed this Co-Op to offer todays marijuana consumer a different and more natural experience with their medicinal and recreational experience.

Our products come with hand crafted characteristics emphasizing the natural variations of each generation of production. Every growing season comes with daily changes that are seen and experienced with each crop. These natural variations are less prevalent from the much larger corporate producers with their mass production facilities. All of our products are carefully managed and expertly grown to guide each plant to reach her maximum potential.

Not Our First Harvest

Our collective knowledge has been gained at the expense of many failures. Many, many failures. We always communicate these lessons learned with each other so each of us can learn and offer valuable insight to the group. Rest assured that we continue the daily pursuit of the next failure. Only then can we continue to improve our products and give you the customer a better experience each and every time you sample something new.

What Works for You

Any educated consumer of marijuana will agree that everyone’s experience is different with each strain. We will always have something available that will give you the unique sensations and body responses you are craving for. Try something that catches your fancy. We assure you that each experience will be enjoyable.